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Whether you need a new AC installed or your unit replaced, the model you choose can make or break your comfort level. You don’t choose an AC model because your neighbour or boss has the same model.

You need the expert and licensed AC technicians of NextGen Aire to lay out your options and help you figure out the best match for AC replacement Newbury, MA.

At NextGen Aire, we will help you select the best air conditioning system that meshes well with your cooling requirements. We have recommendations to help you rule out the so-so so you can shoot for the best option.

We evaluate your space; check on your ceiling heights, windows, insulation, as well as health or medical issues like allergies to determine which AC unit model or type fits you best. Once we have covered the bases, we recommend the best AC model that perfectly matches your needs.

ac replacement Newbury, MA

What To Look for in A New AC

  1. Indoor Air Quality. The air you breathe and its quality is priceless. It should always be a top priority when looking for an AC. Choose an air conditioning system that provides better if not superior indoor air quality for you and your family because you deserve no less. With that being said, having a cool and clean air is detrimental to achieving good health.
  2. Size. If you install an AC unit that is too small for your home, then you will experience inadequate cooling capacity especially if you have multiple rooms. Your AC will have to work harder to keep up with the temperature demands. With an oversized AC unit, you’ll notice your system turning on and off several times.

    The right size means you get the right amount of cooling performance while improving energy efficiency. Moreover, air conditioner size directly impacts the cost, comfort, and efficiency.

  3. Noise Level. Modern air conditioners today have quiet operation. This feature allows homeowners to sleep comfortably in a cool and relaxing space. With the split type, the noise won’t be a problem but the window type can be a bit noisy but tolerable still. It’s always a good idea to ask about the noise level of the AC to be sure if it would fit your needs.
  4. Quality. When looking for a new air conditioning system, don’t get into the shiny objects real quick; always check for quality and durability first to avoid the need for early AC replacement Newbury, MA.

    While aesthetics is important – the quality of an air conditioner should always be a top consideration. It would be wise to ask about the type of coils. Copper coils are more pricey but more efficient and reliable in comparison to aluminum coils. High-quality air conditioner perform optimally even in extreme heat and are also energy-efficient.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Hot!

The best time to get your old air conditioner replaced is today. Don’t wait until it gets too hot to get an AC replacement Newbury, MA

NextGen Aire provides virtual diagnostics and also available or on call 24/7 for AC replacement in Newbury MA. Contact us now at 978-213-4508 for a free consultation and to get your new AC installed immediately! We have qualified and highly-skilled technicians who can custom-fit any AC type into your home and make sure that the job is done perfectly each time.

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