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Aside from choosing the best furnace suitable for your home and your lifestyle needs, one critical area that most people take for granted is the installation process. It doesn’t matter even if you have the best furnace purchased. If you installed it wrongly, you will suffer performance issues and you’ll experience costly utility bills in the long run. In this article, we’ll enumerate problems you’ll encounter with a poor furnace installation Newburyport, MA. 
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Safety Concerns that May Arise Due to Poor Installation

In this portion of the article, we’ll list down safety concerns that might put you and your family in danger as a result of improper furnace installation. Keep in mind that these are not minor inconvenience, rather they pose a threat to everyone’s safety. 

Gas Leaks

One minor disconnect in the gaps between joints can result in a deadly explosion. HVAC systems such as your furnace must be properly connected to avoid gas leaks. The combination of gas leaks and combustible gas from a furnace will lead to a fire. 

Electrical Issues

Another safety concern that may arise from poor furnace installation Newburyport, MA is electrical issues. Failing to wire the furnace correctly will not only drain the device’s power excessively, but it can cause the circuit breaker to trip frequently, thus resulting in a fire hazard. Electrical issues will always affect the efficiency of the furnace but they may also pose a greater threat such as fires.

Comfort Issues Related to Improper Installation

Now that we’ve gone over the most common safety concerns that may arise because of improper furnace installation, we’ll go next to comfort-related issues you may experience. 

Inconsistent Air Distribution

Experiencing uneven temperatures inside your home? How about rising energy bills despite the lackluster performance of your device? If you’re struggling to find the culprit for this matter, it may be caused by duct sizes not lining up with the output capacity. 

Decreased Indoor Air Quality

The presence of excessive moisture, mold and mildew within the structural aspects of your home can be linked to water leakage due to improper installation. Aside from property damage, you may inhale mold and mildew particles that may trigger allergies or other respiratory concerns. 

Inadequate Ventilation

Vent pipes should match the recommended size and material of the furnace for it to vent properly. When a device as intricate as a furnace fails to vent properly, your device will experience problems frequently. 

At the same time, these problems may cause long-term damage that will affect the serviceable life of your furnace. What’s even more detrimental is the fact that improper venting releases a poisonous gas called carbon monoxide, which is known to be a silent killer. 

Rising Utility Bills

Among the many undesirable effects of improper furnace installation that will affect you, in the long run, is high utility bills. Poor installation will never optimize efficiency, thus making your furnace perform hard to attain the results you want. What’s more, an inefficient furnace leads to premature failure. 

Aim For High Quality Furnace Installation!

Choosing a furnace professional company is a long-term decision that will affect your home’s overall living conditions. To make the most of this decision, always choose reliable, customer-centric, and affordable companies such as NextGen Aire LLC to provide high-quality and long-lasting furnace installation Newburyport, MA.

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