DIY vs. Professional Heating Maintenance – Which is Better?

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It is bothersome when your heat pumps or furnaces don’t provide enough conditioned, warm air within your home during colder days. That’s why you might be tempted to fix the problem with your unit on your own to bring back your comfort quickly. 

But is DIY heating or AC maintenance safe and worth it? Why is it always best to leave any heating problem to certified technicians? You will know them all in this comprehensive guide! Keep reading for more information! 

Why People Make Their Heating Maintenance a DIY Project

You’re probably wondering why some homeowners make their HVAC maintenance a DIY job. Below are some reasons: 

Save Some Cash 

Generally, professional heating maintenance costs between $50 and $300. It may also be higher and costlier depending on the repair issues with your equipment. Now imagine how much you can save when handling a maintenance project yourself. That would be a lot for sure. 

You’re In Control 

Yes, you heard it right. A DIY AC repair, replacement, or installation will allow you to be in control of everything. You can decide when to finish the job at your most convenient time without too many interruptions. But remember that a DIY HVAC project is a big responsibility. 

A Good and Fun Learning Experience

It is true that handling an HVAC repair or cleaning is complicated but fun. Every time you complete any difficult repair or cleaning, it is a fulfilling experience that any DIYer can relate to. It is also an excellent opportunity to learn something new and expand your knowledge at the same time. 

What Are the Dangers of DIY Heating Maintenance?

Undertaking furnace or air conditioning maintenance like cleaning air filtration systems is possible for most homeowners. But if you don’t have prior experience and enough tools, it would be best to consider HVAC services from the right specialist. 

Here are some drawbacks of handling any heating job on your own:

More Potential Damages

Since you only have limited experience with an HVAC system, the risks of damaging your furnace or heat pump are higher than you’ve imagined, which might lead to a hefty replacement cost. So, if you are not confident with your skills and knowledge, it’s best to contact the pros for quick heating maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX.  

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Today’s heating system is built to keep a toxic, tasteless, and odorless gas, carbon monoxide contained. Thanks to your HVAC heat exchanger. But with time, your heat exchanger might become rusty, requiring the expertise of licensed technicians.

In case you take this matter into your own hands and you don’t have the necessary knowledge, chances are that you might only cause serious damages to your heat exchanger.  

Fire or Explosion

Any heating system like a furnace is considered a potential fire hazard especially without regular heating maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX or even when handled yourself because you might forget to detect or correct the issues like faulty wiring and malfunctioning pilot light.

Remember that any of these problems need immediate attention. When left unfixed for days, it might put you and your family in potential danger. 

Voiding the Warranty 

Any HVAC system, like heat pumps, furnaces, and air conditioners, is available with a warranty. This will protect you from any unexpected heating equipment failure cost in the future. But when you fix the problem with your unit on your own, this might void the warranty, giving you headaches literally. 

You Might Get Injured 

Like cooling systems, heating appliances come in big sizes that might hurt you without safety gear and help from some people. Who wants to get injured because of DIY heating maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX? No homeowners would enjoy that. For safe and quality heating repair, don’t hesitate to call a well-seasoned and experienced service provider immediately. 

What Are The Small Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself 

Even if it is always best to leave heating maintenance job to the right specialist, there are small maintenance tasks you can do on your own without voiding your warranty, getting hurt, or creating other costly damages. 

Below are some tasks you could do: 

Changing Filters

Filters accumulate excess dirt with time, so regular cleaning is necessary. If you have never cleaned an air filtration system before, there’s nothing to be afraid of as it’s easy. All you have to do is vacuum the filter. But take it outside to prevent dust from stirring up inside your home. Then, wash it until every dirt is removed.

Also, don’t forget to let it dry and install again. For this, you can follow the instructions manual or seek assistance from an expert for your convenience. 

Cleaning Your Condenser 

Aside from the compressor and evaporator, the condenser is another primary element in your heating or air conditioning system. It plays a critical role in distributing enough warm air within your home. But like the filter, it might get excess dirt and regular cleaning is something you can’t afford to ignore.

You can use a hose with a spray nozzle or a soft bristle brush to remove the dirt and dust within the fins. But before anything else, make sure to turn off your heat pump for your safety. 

Clearing Away Debris Near The Unit 

Because of their location, it’s not uncommon for outdoor units to catch debris that can affect your HVAC unit’s performance. But, don’t worry. It’s easy to clean all dirt, pollen, and leaves from the unit. You can use a hose if possible to complete the job quickly. 

Why It Is Always Best To Leave HVAC Maintenance To An Expert

Yes, it is enticing to deal with a tricky heating problem especially when it happens at the time you need it most – long colder months. Although you have the relevant experience, you might not have the right equipment. Good news! There are companies you can count on for quality heating maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX. 

Here are some reasons you should hire a well-trained local HVAC contractor when problems happen with your furnace:

Minimize the Risk of a Breakdown or Sudden Malfunctioning

A qualified and experienced professional of heating maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX will know how to diagnose and complete repairs quickly and efficiently. That means if any problem arises with your heating unit or fan system during the winter months – it’ll be fixed before it becomes extensive. This allows you to continue living your life as normal and minimizes the risk of an inconvenient breakdown or malfunctioning.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness & Detection

Without regular maintenance checks, there’s no way to tell if carbon monoxide is being emitted from your heating unit. Carbon monoxide poisoning can have quite the impact on a household – including headaches, nausea, fatigue, and even death. Ask your contractor how they go about ensuring all equipment used in their maintenance programs. A licensed local HVAC technician is more than willing to answer all your queries and other concerns.

Less Noise Pollution

Are you hearing strange noises coming from your heating unit? If yes, it’s time to call in a pro and have them check things out. Your HVAC system should run silently and smoothly (even if the motor is running) during operation, and any banging noise could indicate a problem. 

If left unchecked, any issues will only become worse over time, leading to expensive repairs. A professional contractor will not only deal with potential problems quickly but also make sure that their workmanship truly solves any existing problems.

Low Energy Consumption

A well-trained HVAC maintenance technician will be able to identify and repair things like loose or clogged ducts and ensure that your home’s air filters are clean and ready to do their job of trapping dust and allergens (that may otherwise escape through leaks and cracks in ductwork). All of this contributes to lower energy consumption throughout the year – which means more money in your wallet!

Reduced Downtime And Expenses

Unpleasant, inconvenient – even costly – breakdowns can occur any time without notice. This means reduced productivity and more money spent on emergency repairs or lost wages if you need to shut down systems in order for repairs to be made. As mentioned earlier, hiring an HVAC pro not only reduces the risk of such instances, but also means you get more bang for your buck – since they know how to prevent problems before they start.

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What’s more, NextGen Aire has vast expertise in heating installation, repair, and replacement available at competitive prices.  For further information on our heating system maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX, please feel free to contact us at (978) 213-4508. Remember that we are just a phone call away!

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