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We offer a full-range of HVAC services for home and business owners that cater to their specific heating and air conditioning needs without breaking the bank.

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It’s advisable to have your HVAC system inspected and maintained regularly. Your air conditioning unit, in particular, should receive a fine tune-up after the winter or at the beginning of spring.

For your furnace or heat pump, it should be at the end of summer or the start of fall. But it still depends on your HVAC issue. Sometimes, problems may arise with your heating air conditioning appliance earlier than expected.

There are many benefits in installing a programmable thermostat at home. It allows you to program various temperature settings, giving you complete control and helping you avoid high electric costs.

A programmable thermostat can also withstand the test of time since it doesn’t have to work harder to cool or heat your home. This extends its lifespan with minimal repair or replacement costs.

It is not uncommon for your heating air conditioning unit to make a sound while running. But if it creates a loud banging noise, it might indicate that some components of your HVAC system are malfunctioning. Maybe, there is a refrigerant leak, or some parts of the compressor are loose. To avoid any guesswork, don’t hesitate to contact the technician of your choice for repairs or maintenance

Your Go-To Full Service HVAC Company in Amesbury, MA and Surrounding Areas

Since our establishment, customer comfort has been the utmost priority at NextGen Aire. That’s why we provide heating and cooling solutions that tailor to their goals and expectations.

Whether your ductwork requires some professional cleaning or your AC needs immediate repair, we offer comprehensive services available at competitive rates, making us a one-stop HVAC contractor for home and business owners out there.

Here are the services we specialize in:

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Our Unmatched Air Conditioning Expertise Provides Excellent Results on All AC Projects

Any air conditioning unit that doesn’t work properly can compromise your comfort as well as waste a lot of energy, causing your utility bills to spike.

So, it is important to ensure your AC is in excellent working condition. But you don’t have to deal with the process on your own as there’s NextGen Aire that can assist you from beginning to end.

We offer air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance services to keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape. We also integrate the latest technology into every service we have to get the job done within the quickest time possible.

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We Provide Affordable and Efficient Heating Services to Help You Beat the Long Cold Months

Are you in need of a new heating system? Or does your existing furnace need to be repaired? Whatever your case may be, NextGen Aire got your back.

We install heating systems of any brand and size in no time, keeping you warm and cozy before the long winter months. We can complete installation projects quickly with precision and quality.

We also have a vast background in heat pump or furnace repair. Whether there is a crack in your heat exchanger or refrigerant leak, we have a team of licensed and well-trained technicians you can depend on.

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Our Dependable Air Duct Services Guarantee Clean & Breathable Air

Even if the air duct network is made of durable metals and components, it is susceptible to rust and other damages, causing it to crack.

For quality air duct solutions, no one does better than NextGen Aire! From buildup of dirt, corrosion to wear and tear, we can keep your ductwork efficient and trouble-free.

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Need HVAC Installation, Maintenance, or Repair Service? Contact NextGen Aire!

NextGen Aire is one of the certified local HVAC contractors in Amesbury, MA that installs, maintains, and repairs heating and air conditioning units according to the industry’s latest standards. For many years of serving our valued clients in Amesbury and other surrounding areas, we’ve proudly completed any HVAC home project that leaves our customers happy and satisfied.

Call us at (978) 213-4508 to schedule HVAC system installations or repairs!

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