10 Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair: Identifying Common Issues for Prompt Maintenance

Identifying Common Issues for Prompt Maintenance

10 Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

When problems occur with an air conditioner, they seem to take place when we least expect it.
When any problem happens, it is usually during the hottest days and acting like it’s on its
last leg. Despite this, it is necessary to understand the importance of air conditioner repair. You need to recognize the ten signs your air conditioner needs repair to do this. This will
help keep the AC repair costs down and your family cool.

10 Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair - HVAC technician fixing an AC Unit.

1. Air Conditioner Blows Warm Air

When an air conditioner is installed, we expect it to blow fresh, cool air. Besides, this is the
specific job of the air conditioner, right? Besides this, it is also designed to maintain a certain
comfort level on considerably hot days. With this in mind, when your air conditioner is blowing warm air while in a cool setting, it tells you a problem may need repair. If this is the case for you, you will need to contact an air conditioning technician from Next-Gen Aire to take a look.

2. The Thermostat Is Malfunctioning

Having a thermostat means it controls the entire air conditioning unit. Besides communicating
with your AC and designating the various temperatures, it also ensures its job is done. But
when the air conditioning is only cooling for a small amount of time before it shuts off, or is
unable to turn itself on, then the thermostat will malfunctioning and be unable to determine if it is functioning as it should. When this problem occurs, it is important to have the air conditioner
and its electrical parts looked at by an AC technician.

3. Weak Amount of Air

When your air conditioner only spits a weak amount of air, it can be treated the same as when the air is warm. The only difference is that the air will be cool instead of warm. If the
amount of air is weak, it will have a hard time circulating throughout your space. Most of the
time, this happens will be a compressor issue or ducting. Because of the difficulty of
determining the true cause, it is best to contact a AC repair professional for a complete diagnosis.

4. The AC Becomes Noisy

If you have noticed a noise from your AC while running, it could be the belt within the
unit that has come loose. Your AC unit should be turned off immediately, and then contact a
professional to correct the issue. This will alleviate any damage that may have taken place.

5. Your AC Has A Bad Smell While Running

When your AC is running normally, no bad smells will be present. If there is a bad smell, it
is a clear sign that a problem has occurred. The bad smell could stem from many things, such as a burned wire, while a musty smell could indicate mold growth. A bad smell is
never good and should be taken care of quickly.

6. The Space Is Not Thoroughly Conditioned

When your home is constantly experiencing a humid feeling, it is important to have it thoroughly
conditioned with the humidity removed. However, if the humidity is not removed properly, a problem could occur within the AC unit if it is not conditioning as it should be. When you
feel like the space is still humid, it will be time for us to look at your AC to determine what
needs to be repaired.

7. AC Issues Occur Continuously

Another one of the ten signs your air conditioner needs repair is when you start to notice the
need for service or repair more often than not each month, you may need to contemplate having
your AC unit should be replaced to avoid more costly repairs.

8. The AC Refrigerant Leaks

Whether there is a leak or moisture around the AC will tell you there is a problem. This
leak or moisture may be the refrigerant; if so, it will be a poisonous mess to clean or handle.
The Freon leak will need to be cleaned and disposed of in a controlled manner if the leak is
significant. If the leak is a lot less serious, it may only be water condensation due to the clogged condensate drain.

A leak may occur in various ways. Most of the time, the leak will be noticed on the exterior of the
AC unit or ice on the copper lines near the condenser may be developed.
Regardless, you should have your AC checked out and repaired.

9. Power Bill Spikes

Another of the ten signs that your air conditioner needs repair is when you see your power bill spike suddenly without reason. If this occurs, this could be from many issues, such as a leaking duct, the old AC, or the broken thermostat switch. No matter what the cause is, you need to schedule a repair.

10. Your AC Is Aged

When your air conditioner reaches the ten-year mark, it’s important to be prepared for possibly needing a replacement soon. The lifespan of an average air conditioner is typically around ten years before it starts experiencing issues that may require repair or replacement. As AC units age, they become more prone to breakdowns, reduced efficiency, and increased energy consumption.

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